student poster competition at the 2016 OCC climate change symposium

Successful Submissions

Title: How effective is indigenous traditional knowledge in adaptation to climate change in a rural Ugandan community?
Author: Josephine Bamanya
Affiliation: University of Guelph

Title: The Agro-Ecological Zones of Southern Ontario: The Expected Shifts Caused by Climate Change in the Medium and Long Term
Author: Kate Batelaan
Affiliation: Trent University

Title: Carbon, Water, and Energy Dynamics of a Pine Forest during the First Decade Since Plantation on Former Cropland
Author: Felix Chan
Affiliation: McMaster University

Title: Economic and Environmental Tradeoffs of Ontario’s Dairy Farming Systems
Author: Chaturika Dayananda
Affiliation: University of Guelph

Title: The Embedded Energy Footprint of Efficient Refrigerators
Author: Jenessa Doherty
Affiliation: York University

Title: Investigating Land Use and Climatic Effects on Small Catchment Water Quality
Author: Zach Harmer
Affiliation: Brock University

Title: Utility Scale Photovoltaic Systems and Land-Use in Ontario
Author: Melisa Kopan
Affiliation: University of Guelph

Title: Using a Process-based Model to Evaluate the Effects of Several Nitrogen Fertilizer Management Practices on Nitrous Oxide Emissions and Grain Yield
Author: Sarah MacKell
Affiliation: University of Guelph

Title: Environmental Assessment Using Drones: An Effective Tool
Author: Uzayr Siddiqui
Affiliation: Carleton University

Title: Adapting to Climate Change: The Case of Multi-Level Governance and Municipal Adaptation Planning in Nova Scotia, Canada
Author: Brennan Vogel
Affiliation: Western University

Title: Ontario Future Crop Yield Mapper: A Web Tool Prototype for Mapping the Effects of Climate Change on Crop Yields in Ontario, Canada
Author: Jordan Whitton
Affiliation: Trent University