2018 Ontario Climate Symposium

OCC 2018 symposium graphic


This year’s Symposium, Adaptive Urban Habitats by Design, will be held at OCAD University  and aims to generate important discussions surrounding the role that art and design can play in developing adaptive, low carbon cities. By exploring how ecology meets tactical urbanism, the Symposium will showcase real-life examples of how technology, policy, green infrastructure and strategic design can come together to transform cities.


audience members and speaker at Ontario Climate Symposium



About the Ontario Climate Symposium

The Ontario Climate Symposium is a signature event for the Ontario Climate Consortium.

With the aim of facilitating discussion across researchers, policy makers and practitioners, the Symposium assesses the state of knowledge related to climate change in Ontario, and helps to identify research gaps and opportunities through collaboration at the intersection of research and practice.

We are in a critical time to take action and collectively combine our efforts to tackle the climate crisis. By bringing together key stakeholders and partners working on low carbon and climate resilient solutions in Ontario, the OCC endeavors to highlight pathways to address the challenges of climate change while simultaneously providing a platform to share ideas for solutions to the climate crisis.