The OCC was pleased to launch a call for poster presentations for its 2015 Climate Change Research Symposium. We invited graduate-level students in the natural and social sciences to submit research poster presentations with a focus on climate change adaptation and/or mitigation. Given this year’s theme, preference was given to research projects that are Ontario-specific and present collaborative approaches to climate change adaptation and mitigation.

OCC Graduate Research Poster Competition

Successful Submissions

Author: Haniehalsadat Aboutorabifard
Title: Climate Change Mitigation Within The Project Financing Sector
Affiliation: University of Waterloo

Author: Daniel Bednar
Title: Patterns, Desires, Enablers, and Metrics of Collaboration on Climate Change Adaptation: The Case of Extreme Weather Policies in Central Canada
Affiliation: Western University

Author: David Blanchard
Title: Lake Superior Drainage Basin Climate Change Vulnerabilities and Ontario’s Go Green: Action Plan on Climate Change
Affiliation: Lakehead University

Author: Devon Calder
Title: Help Stop Climate Change! Recover Waste Heat from Sewers and Reduce Fossil Fuel Use for Space and Water Heating
Affiliation: York University

Author: Dustin Carey
Title: Think Small: Microgrids as a Method to Improve Grid Resiliency Against Climate-Caused Extreme Weather
Affiliation: University of Waterloo

Author: Felix Chan
Title: Carbon and Water Dynamics of a Young White Pine Plantation Forest
Affiliation: McMaster University

Author: Marc D’Alessandro
Title: A Comparison of Methods for Updating IDF Curves in the Toronto and Essex Regions
Affiliation: McMaster University

Author: Katelynn Daly
Title: An Analysis of Soil CO2 Emissions in a Temperate Deciduous Forest Ecosystem
Affiliation: McMaster University

Author: Asma Fiayaz
Title: Climate Change Induced Residential Cooling Demand in the Greater Toronto Area
Affiliation: York University

Author: Nancy Ghuman
Title: Energy Efficiency in Conventional versus Alternative Farming Methods
Affiliation: York University

Author: Monika Karnis
Title: Evaluating Actions towards Sustainable Aviation
Affiliation: Ryerson University

Author: Jung Lee
Title: Is Conifer Afforestation Economically Attractive in North America?
Affiliation: McMaster University

Author: Shawn McKenzie
Title: Controls on Tree-Ring Growth in an Age-Sequence of Planted White Pine Forests
Affiliation: McMaster University

Author: Kristen McLeod
Title: Long-Term Relationships between Carbon Sequestration, Hydrology, and Disturbance in a Northern Peatland; Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia
Affiliation: Lakehead University

Author: Rasna Sherchan
Title: Climate Change in the Himalayas
Affiliation: University of Waterloo

Author: Kayla Snyder
Title: The Effects of Pesticides on Oxobiodegradable Agriculture Mulch Films
Affiliation: Lakehead University

Author: Mariko Uda
Title: A Framework for Analysing & Improving Resilience at the Neighbourhood Scale
Affiliation: University of Toronto

Author: Brennan Vogel
Title: Adapting to Climate Change: Municipal Governance, Policy and Planning in Nova Scotia, Canada
Affiliation: Western University

Author: Satenia Zimmerman
Title: Living off ‘Grid’: Are Self-Sustaining Communities Viable Alternatives for Remote Northern Ontario Communities?
Affiliation: Lakehead University