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Resilience Urbaine

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Thursday, October 11, 2018

1:30 to 4:30 pm | Room 230

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If you could make a difference in your city, would you?

This documentary series by filmmakers Chrystelle Maechler and Andreas Krätschmer takes viewers on a candid journey with optimism and compassion. The four 15-minute episodes explore themes related to the economy, environment, food insecurity and social justice which challenges viewers to make the city a more fair and sustainable place while becoming a part of the solution.

With interviews with some community builders and thinkers who are making positive changes day-in and day-out, Resilience Urbaine will not only showcase the spirits championing the future of our cities, but also the ways in which we can help to keep the spirit of resilient cities flourishing for years to come.


Writer, Narrator & Director: Chrystelle Maechler
Director of Photography: Andreas Krätschmer


1. Rethink Our Food Culture
2. Rethink Our Economy
3. Rethink Our Relationship to the Environment
4. Rethink Our Vision of Urbanism


About the Filmmakers

Chrystelle MaechlerChrystelle Maechler (left) and Andreas Krätschmer are the visual storytellers behind the documentary series, Resilience Urbaine. Based out of Toronto, the pair have long developed video content out of a passion and desire to showcase their love and appreciation for the world around them.



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