October 9, 2019

Building Climate Resilient Infrastructure Systems in Ontario

Hosted by Ontario Climate Consortium and Ryerson Urban Water, this workshop convened experts from the infrastructure, water, and climate change sectors to explore local needs and strategies.

DATE: September 26, 2019


With increasingly variable and extreme rainfall events occurring now and in the future, infrastructure owners and managers are increasingly required to assess, plan for, and respond to water and climate-related impacts on their assets.

  • How can infrastructure owners, operators and managers set priorities towards building resilience in an efficient and cost-effective manner?
  • How do climate and water-related risks contribute to what information is monitored across a portfolio of assets?
  • What examples of emerging best practices exist across the public and private sector that can be explored further or are scalable across different types of infrastructure systems?

The goals of this workshop were:

  • To facilitate peer-to-peer learning regarding emerging best practices from experts on assessing and building infrastructure resilience to water and climate change issues
  • To assess and discuss the needs of infrastructure managers for climate change services in Ontario
  • To network and identify aligned actions and opportunities in the space of infrastructure, climate change and water-related risks
  • To determine initiatives and actions that can be scaled up through partnership