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Empowering Youth Through Community Knowledge Sharing: Wiigwaas Youth Camp

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Thursday, October 11, 2018

Presentation Time: 2:30 pm | Room 542

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Presented by Savanta

Henvey Inlet Wiigwaas Youth Camp participant plants sageThe Wiigwaas Youth Camp is a community program facilitated by Savanta and Henvey Inlet First Nation (HIFN) Elders and knowledge keepers to provide an avenue for youth to reconnect with culture, language and spirituality while learning about their environment through both traditional knowledge and science.

Through mixed media (including videos, photographs and displays), HIFN and Savanta will demonstrate the value of the Wiigwaas Youth Camp by merging art, traditional cultural storytelling and environmental science as it relates to the local ecology.



Angele Dubois  |  Youth Engagement Facilitator, Henvey Inlet First Nation

Angele DuboisAngele Dubois is a member of Henvey Inlet First Nation. She has been running youth programs in the community for 3 years, through a partnership with an organization called Right to Play. Her summer camp, after school and youth lLeadership programs reach most of the school-aged children in Henvey Inlet.



Marian Tibor-McMahon  |  Indigenous Engagement and Socio-Economic Specialist, Savanta

Marian Tibor-McMahonMarian Tibor-McMahon has 10 years of experience in community engagement and socio-economic studies. She has undertaken Indigenous and public engagement and socio-economic impact assessments for a variety of projects in the transportation, mining, and power sectors.

She has participated in the development of various youth camps to integrate traditional knowledge and western science to provide youth with a holistic perspective of the environment.


About Savanta

Savanta logoSavanta is the environmental consulting firm that delivers precedent-setting and meaningful outcomes. Our diverse team actively listens, thinks differently, and is passionate about delivering balanced environmental, economic, and social outcomes.

We are known for finding innovative solutions to difficult environmental and approval challenges. Our specialized natural heritage technical expertise, leading capabilities in socio-economic and climate change work, and our “out-of-the-box” thinking help us achieve desired outcomes for our clients. We work collaboratively amongst various stakeholders, turning away from the common reflex reaction to settle into polarized positions. We continue to successfully attract clients and staff that share this vision and approach to business.




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