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Lateral Dialogues: Engagement by Design

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Thursday, October 11, 2018

1:30 to 4:30 pm | Room 554

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Presented by Stoss Landscape Urbanism & One Architecture & Urbanism

The Moakley Park Vision Plan, led by Stoss Landscape Urbanism (Stoss) and One Architecture & Urbanism (ONE) in partnership with the City of Boston Parks and Recreation Department and the Environment Department of the City of Boston, is a comprehensive long-term plan for an historic waterfront park in South Boston.

Originally intended to be a node in Frederick Law Olmsted’s partially realized Emerald Necklace plan, today the park faces a number of climate stresses, including repeat flooding and lack of effective drainage.

To aid in the development of a vision that pairs resilient infrastructural upgrades with improvements in recreational access and community-focused spaces, Stoss, ONE, and the City have led a number of community engagement sessions using innovative forms of “engagement by design,” allowing residents and stakeholders to participate directly in the design process.



Amy Whitesides
Amy Whitesides
Studio Director | Stoss Landscape Urbanism

Alex Marchinski
Landscape Designer | Stoss Landscape Urbanism
Dalia Munenzon
Dalia Munenzon
Boston Associate | One Architecture & Urbanism


About Stoss Landscape Urbanism

Stoss Landscape Urbanism (Stoss) is a Boston-based design firm specializing in urban and landscape revitalization, designing public spaces, cities, and landscapes to respond and adapt to changes in climate, demographics, and economies.

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About One Architecture & Urbanism

One Architecture & Urbanism (ONE) is an Amsterdam and New York-based design and planning firm specializing in large-scale resilience planning and infrastructure, known for its unique approach in which financial, technical, and organizational issues are addressed and resolved through design.

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