August 23, 2017

We’re hiring: Communications and Engagement Coordinator (full-time)

Link to job posting:

The Ontario Climate Consortium (OCC) is an ambitious collaborative of Ontario academic researchers and professionals focused on mainstreaming research and expert knowledge into local and regional policy and practice in Ontario. The OCC Secretariat, hosted by the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA), serves as the hub for the OCC and works to facilitate collaborative research and engagement to accelerate planning and implementation for low carbon and climate resilient communities.

The Coordinator plays a critical communication role within the OCC Secretariat. Reporting to the OCC Manager and working collaboratively with the other OCC team members, this position is responsible for developing and leading the execution of the OCC’s communication and engagement strategy, including digital content across our website, social media, and e-newsletter platforms as well as in-person engagement at workshops, and major events such as the annual Ontario Climate Symposium.

Under the guidance and direction of OCC Project Managers, the Coordinator works to establish and maintain partnerships with key stakeholders in academia, government, non-profit and private sectors, and works with these partners to help identify and share new knowledge and best practice throughout the OCC network.

This position also requires frequent interaction with a broad range of subject matter experts including academic researchers, policy-makers from all orders of government, and non-governmental organizations. Building and strengthening relationships within this network is essential to plan and produce rich and compelling content that will help the OCC achieve its mandate.

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