The Ontario Climate Consortium generates HIGH-QUALITY, REGIONALLY SPECIFIC climate intelligence to help decision-makers in both the public and private sectors confront the challenges associated with climate change. We focus on developing projects in three key areas.
Work with Us

Climate Information

The quality and volume of climate information in the research community is increasing steadily. OCC helps to mobilize knowledge and make it available to end users, through:

  • Custom Analysis
    Projects leveraging completed analysis or existing data sets.
  • Applied Climate Science
    Primary research into the use of climate information.

Adaptation and Mitigation

Governments and businesses need scientific input to develop projects that enhance their capacity to assess and respond to climate change risks. The OCC helps met these needs through:

  • Planning Support
    Technical support and guidance to facilitate risk-based planning.
  • Research Support
    Research designed to inform responses and create tools to support the adaptation process.

Research Mobilization

OCC promotes engagement between climate researchers and end users, highlights new research, and extends the impact of its own work, through:

  • The OCC Symposium
    A flagship event showcasing the work of top climate researchers and thought leaders.
  • Communications & Engagement
    Collaborative efforts with researchers and end users to maximize the utility and visibility of OCC research projects.