January 31, 2014

The Peel Climate Risk Analysis Framework Tool (P-CRAFT)


The Peel Climate Change Strategy (PCCS) released in 2011 identified the need for a vulnerability risk assessment of infrastructure and natural heritage in the region. By completing a risk assessment, policy-makers will be in a much better position to develop, implement, and monitor the performance of targeted climate resiliency strategies in the Region of Peel.


The Peel Climate Risk Analysis Framework Tool (P CRAFT) is a protocol, series of templates and supporting data for systematically researching, understanding and communicating the risks of climate and climate change at the local scale.

More broadly, P CRAFT has been designed to meet the information needs associated with decision making that targets increased resilience to climate and climate change at the local scale (i.e., communities, neighborhoods public health divisions, subwatershed, land tracts, etc.).


This framework enables policy-makers answer the following questions:

  • How likely is it that a given climate condition or weather event will occur and result in impacts to a system today or in the future?
  • What is the relative importance of different climate-related impacts to the satisfaction of management objectives?
  • Which systems are most and least likely to experience climate-related impacts?
  • How important are different system attributes in determining the likelihood they will experience climate-related impacts?