May 24, 2019

Pathways for Municipal Action on Climate Change

On Wednesday May 22nd, 2019, the Ontario Climate Consortium, in collaboration with the Clean Air Partnership and Sustainable Waterloo Region, hosted Pathways for Municipal Action on Climate Change.

This event provided an opportunity for municipalities, civil society organizations and the broader public to engage with local leaders in the Region of Waterloo for a discussion surrounding the role of municipalities in advancing climate sustainability initiatives and driving economic development.

By examining evolv1, Canada’s first net-positive energy multi-tenant building, as a case study, our presenters and panelists explored various aspects of projects of this nature, including the funding model and feasibility study, the partnership model, the social and economic co-benefits to local communities, the barriers and lessons learned, and most importantly, the tangible, feasible and scalable actions that municipalities and strategic intermediaries can undertake in turning a vision like evolv1 into reality.

Thank you to our presenters and panelists, and to all the participants who joined us both in person and via webinar.


View presentations by Jenessa Doherty, Adrian Conrad, and Tova Davidson

View webinar video: