July 26, 2018

EV-Ready Cities: Accelerating the Transition to Electric Mobility

In late April our students at the University of Western completed a policy tool-kit to facilitate the uptake of electric vehicles in cities within the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Areas.  The report and accompanying tool-kit explores local barriers to EV-uptake and aims to help regional municipalities generate the infrastructure and step-by-step policy planning needed in furthering provincial and municipal goals to divest the transportation sector from fossil fuel sources.

The OCC regularly engages with students from institutions across Ontario.

“Personally, I find it is extremely gratifying to be able to partner with organizations like yourselves (OCC) that value the issues of sustainability. It’s a privilege for us to help you live that value. It’s also gratifying to know that the project doesn’t just benefit our class and our client partners – but because its about sustainability, our work ultimately benefits our wider community as well.”
Professor Dean Sheppard
Centre for Environment and Sustainability
Western University

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For more information on the project contact Jenessa Doherty at jenessa.doherty@trca.on.ca