February 27, 2018

New Centre for Climate Change Management at Mohawk College

In a growing population where families are continuing to settle in urban areas, meeting residential energy needs is an issue that has not lost momentum. Cities across the Greater Golden Horseshoe are increasingly moving toward the adoption of municipal climate change action plans that align with provincial and federal frameworks on clean growth. Many of which carry a strong focus on meeting those energy needs. The City of Burlington is one such municipality with the new Centre for Climate Change Management at Mohawk College being one of its key initiatives. Launched in collaboration with the Ontario government and the cities of Hamilton and Burlington, it is aimed at stimulating the community’s move to a low-carbon economy and is the first of its kind at an Ontario college.

Lynn RobichaudSo what are the first steps towards achieving carbon neutrality and how feasible is it for cities like Burlington and Hamilton? Lynn Robichaud, Senior Sustainability Coordinator, is currently leading efforts for the City’s Community Energy Plan and future direction. On Tuesday, March 6th at the McMaster Innovation Park, the Centre for Climate Change Management will host a talk by Ms. Robichaud that explores the changes Hamilton and Burlington can expect to experience in the near future and what activities may help these and surrounding communities in achieving carbon neutrality. Find out more by registering on Eventbrite



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