January 26, 2017

Request for Research Proposals on the Adaptation of Municipal Water Infrastructure Design to Climate Change

Request for Proposals: Full Version

Click here to access the full version of the proposal which includes the following sections: Background; Project Goals and Objectives; Key Research Areas and Questions for Phase 1; Deliverables; Evaluation Criteria; and Submission of Proposals.

Project Goals and Objectives

As a member of the Peel Climate Change Partnership, TRCA is leading a phased project with the primary goal of providing guidance to the Region of Peel and local municipalities on how to accommodate the uncertainty of future climate projections and non-stationary climate in the design of stormwater infrastructure. The first phase of the project is the focus of this RFP and has two main research objectives:

  • to consolidate and critically examine available knowledge on best practice and case examples of adapting stormwater infrastructure design to a changing climate; and
  • to review and analyze decision-making approaches or frameworks that may be applicable to designing stormwater infrastructure at a system-wide scale.

Phase one will conclude with communicating research findings to support a series of municipal stakeholder engagement sessions.

Phase two will continue the stakeholder engagement process to develop the needed guidance regarding design of municipal stormwater infrastructure in a changing climate, including an explicit consideration of risk tolerance and management. Although Phase 2 is not part of this RFP, understanding how the research will be used is valuable context.

Submission of Proposals

Respondent shall submit one (1) original copy:

By email with the subject line: Proposal Submission_ [Surname] _WIDFA in PDF or WORD format.

All proposals must be received by TRCA no later than 4:30 PM on Wednesday, February 8th 2017. The contract will be awarded by Friday, February 10th. TRCA assumes no obligation, no responsibility and no liability for costs incurred by the responding parties prior to issuance of a contract.

Please send all proposals or inquiries care of: Fabio Tonto, Project Manager (ftonto@trca.on.ca).

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