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Urban Food Systems: Visions for Toronto

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Thursday, October 11, 2018

1:30 to 4:30 pm  |  Room 543

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By Laura Lebel-Pantazopoulos | OCAD University

Urban Food Systems: Visions for Toronto explores the emerging projects and policies surrounding urban food systems, and generates a collective vision map for Toronto.

Through research and key informant interviews with people disrupting Toronto’s urban food landscape, this project plots the trends, themes, spaces and challenges of urban food, and imagines how innovative urban food systems could collectively contribute to the local food economy, reduce food waste, bring urban communities closer to food, and heighten consciousness of the environmental impacts of food production. These systems may also support resilient communities, encourage healthy lifestyles, and serve low-income families.


About the Presenter

Laura Lebel-PantazopoulosLaura Lebel-Pantazopoulos is an Industrial Design student at OCAD University, focused on understanding, thinking, caring and creating. She has a range of experience from UX design and rapid prototyping, to graphic design, branding and community design. A Toronto native, she also has a passion for beautiful, healthy and livable cities.



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