OCC team members are experts in interpreting climate research, extracting relevant information, and helping end-users apply findings to their planning processes.

C_TU photo 2016CHRISTINE TU:
Christine is the Manager of the OCC. She is responsible for overseeing the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority’s function as host of the Secretariat of the OCC, particularly in the context of ongoing strategic planning, business development, program management, and knowledge mobilization. Christine also leads the development of new partnerships with academic, government, and private sector organizations to advance the OCC’s mandate and ensure full service delivery to OCC Members and Key Partners. (Email).

Ian is a Project Manager with the OCC responsible for research mobilization and communications. Ian’s role is focused on organizing events and developing communications materials to promote research developed by the OCC and member organizations. Ian is also engaged in policy research through various projects investigating the links that exist between climate change and mainstream policy areas. (Email).


Edmundo is a Project Manager with the OCC responsible for the Climate Information and Adaptation programs. Edmundo’s role is focused on managing the development and implementation of projects that aim to answer critical research questions related to adaptation responses and policy. The projects in these programs include a variety of partnerships among universities and public and private sector organizations that come together to advance climate research in Ontario. (Email).


Simran is a Coordinator of Communications and Engagement with the OCC. In this role, she supports communications and outreach, event planning and implementation, and other dissemination activities to foster partnerships between the OCC, researchers, and end-users. She also conducts research and analysis to support climate adaptation projects being undertaken by the OCC. (Email).


Glenn is an Analyst with the Ontario Climate Consortium responsible for supporting and delivering climate information and science services. In this role, he conducts research on climate adaptation and mitigation related projects, coordinates vulnerability assessments, performs technical analyses of climate data and scenarios, and engages with OCC partners across the province to support their climate needs to deliver adaptation responses and policy changes.  (Email).